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168幸运飞艇历史开奖记录查询结果. Panel Resolutions has created a unique and convenient online system offering Employers, Insurers and Third Party Administrators the ability to easily manage Physician Panels for Workers' Compensation. Our Panel Endorsed Network of providers and online panel system (PRNet) were created in recognition of the significant administrative time and costs associated with locating valid panel providers who understand workers' compensation and who follow best practices.

To assist with these issues, we link employers with local quality medical providers who our Client's share as their recommended panel providers of choice. Our dedicated administrative team's focus is to assist and support our Client's in managing this vital component in the claims process. The end result is improved employee outcomes and bottom line savings for employers and insurers.

Our Mission

To provide the link between employers and local physicians who will work as team members to facilitate the smooth progression of a claim from injury to resolution.

Our Vision

Seamless management of workers' compensation claims, from injury to resolution.

Why Panel Resolutions?

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168新飞艇视频开奖官网结果 Employers today face many challenges, among them providing a safe working environment, and the responsibility of getting an injured employee back to work and to pre-injury function. The provision of access for injured workers to physicians who provide quality care with a return to work focus, and who are committed to the protocols specific to your organization, is essential in controlling costs associated with workers' compensation claims.

Panel Resolutions is dedicated to providing an actively managed network of local physicians who will work as a team with claims professionals, thereby enhancing the claims resolution process.

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Among a long list of strict requirements and other expectations, many states require employers to post, or offer, a validated current panel of physicians to their injured workers. Maintaining a valid panel of quality providers is a key component to significantly reducing indemnity and medical costs associated with handling workers' compensation claims. Invalid physician panels may result in employee selection of physicians who do not understand workers' compensation issues, and are not committed to company claims protocols and open communications with claims staff. Through PRNet, employers can feel confident that they are partnering with physicians meeting specific criteria that match their company's needs.

Employers need valid panels of physicians who are familiar with the workers' compensation industry, and who exhibit best practices with a focus on early return to work. Panel Resolutions will give you the tools to help determine the panel type best for your organization, locate the providers closest to your places of business, ensure they are qualified to manage injured workers, and enable you to form them into panels that conform both to your state's requirements and your company's policies and procedures.
Panel Resolutions will provide an initial validation of all Endorsed Providers in network, utilizing pre-established criteria compiled by our Advisory Board. Changes in physician practice location and scope can invalidate a panel, exposing an employer to risk. Panel Resolutions will re-validate all Panel Members on a timely basis to prevent this occurrence.
  • PRNet Online Access
  • Panel Development
  • Panel Validation
  • Panel Changes
  • Employer/Provider Protocol Development
  • Physician Panel Education & Training
  • Employer education, training and support, with a focus on best practices.
  • Assisting employers with the development of claims protocols and Employer/Physician Protocol Agreements.
  • Physician education, training and support, with a focus on employer policies, procedures, and protocols, and on best practices.
  • Assuring employer compliance with State laws, rules and regulations.

168幸运飞行艇在线直播 PRNet BENEFITS

  • Convenience in creating valid Physician Panels using state required forms
  • National Access with password protection
  • Search for local Panel Endorsed Providers, verified timely
  • Alert Program - Ask us about the details!
  • Provider Profiles available for review
  • Ability to print, save and access all panels

Advisory Board

We have established an advisory committee of health, legal, insurance, business and management professionals familiar with workers' compensation issues, both to ensure the adequacy of criteria required for physician inclusion and to determine the suitability of nominees, employing those criteria.


We Bring Value to Providers

Panel Resolutions is continually looking to partner with quality providers that are familiar with the workers' compensation industry, following Best Practices Guidelines, who focus on return to work efforts and who communicate effectively with claims professionals. Our staff works closely with company representatives, claims adjusters and case managers offering the convenience in creating Physician Panels through the use of our Panel Endorsed Network and online panel system (PRNet). By partnering with Panel Resolutions, we are able to promote your medical practice for inclusion on these panels, thereby increasing patient volume.

  • Client Nomination
  • Current state licensure
  • Acceptable liability claims experience
  • Knowledge of the workers' compensation system in the state
  • Demonstrated willingness to adhere to Best Practices Guidelines and to employer policies, procedures and protocols
  • Completion of a standardized questionnaire
  • Preference for physicians who have experience with workers' compensation claims and medical management

Panel Providers will be reviewed on a regular basis to determine that all physicians are valid and compliant. Minimum criteria for retention will include:

- Continuing to meet all criteria for initial inclusion.

- Demonstrating adherence to Best Practices Guidelines for Medical Providers, with particular emphasis on:

  • The quality of the patient-physician encounter
  • Timely and thorough documentation of the history, any examinations, and treatment recommendations
  • Effective communications with employees, employers, insurers and others involved in claims resolution
  • Effective handling of all payment issues, including compliance with applicable laws
  • Effective participation in the resolution of difficult cases, including appropriate utilization of the AMA Guide

Provider benefits

  • Promotion of your facilities to Employers, Insurers and Third Party Administrators
  • Increased patient volume
  • Panel Endorsed Status outlining Provider Profile
  • Access to reports showing what panels you have been selected for
  • Sponsored Link Marketing Opportunity
  • Liaison for Providers and Clients
  • Physician education, training and support with a focus on employer policies, procedures and protocols

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